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, snow on election day. this was cleveland airport at midday. mitt romney's plane, paul ryan's and nearby, vice president biden's plane. they were all in ohio. romney and ryan headed to a volunteer center. stopping in a wendy's. >> hey, judy, this is mitt romney. how are you? >> reporter: biden, too, stopped in a restaurant. just a few more hours and they get the first returns. >>> we have more live team coverage in virginia and across the entire d.c. area. it has been a busy day. the northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is live in richmond and tonight all eyes are on the battleground states. julie? >> reporter: well, especially virginia. virginia is considered the state to watch because the polls close at 7:00 so we'll start getting an earlier idea what's happening in the presidential could be he is the. and because it simply could that be a tighter race here. mitt romney and barack obama dead locked in nearly all the polls leading up to election day. whomever wins northern virginia could be the winner of the commonwealth. prince william county. one of the battlegrounds within the
. that's what they want. chris: will paul ryan join john boehner, the speaker, in trying to work out a deal? or he will be a rejectionist and set up the big rebel flag and say i'm going to be the die-hard? >> no one knows the answer to that question. that is yet to be seen. paul ryan is in a terrible situation. he can choose to do the right thing or he can decide, you know, he's obviously running for president in 2016, or he can decide to be the holdout and to be the rejectionist. president obama is lucky to have john boehner on the other side that have table because john bainer is not a crazy person. and he can work a deal. right now he simply does not have the votes. but -- again, the president does have to lead here. he has to bring something to the table. he has to be willing to give some that so that john boehner can bring his people to the table, too. but he can deliver. 's been mischaracterized i think. it's convenient for the white house to say, oh, boehner can't get his people behind him. boehner always gets his people behind him but the president has to bring something forw
final days in virginia. today it was paul ryan who headlined rallies for the gop ticket in richmond. with paul showing virginia the closest of battlegrounds, ryan appealed directly for help in turning out the vote. >> when we talk to that friend, relative, neighbor, the light, hope, change in 2008 and know now it was an empty promise. we will wake up on the morning of wednesday november 7th and know we met the moment as a country. >> this is president ball's last scheduled visit before the election. the vice president comes to sterling on monday. and mitt romney spends the next two days in the commonwealth, he'll be in fairfax on monday. julie carrie, news 4. >>> mitt romney was in colorado for a campaign rally, a denver post survey usa poll shows president obama with a slight lead in this state. romney asked the crowd for their support on election day. and he criticized the president's recent comments about voting. >> you probably heard about this. he asked his supporters to vote for revenge. i asked the american people to vote for love of country. >> tomorrow romney will travel to
. mr. romney has added two last-minute campaign stops in ohio. paul ryan will vote and join him in boston. joe biden will vote in delaware before joining him in chicago. tracie pots has the details on the final frantic day of campaigning. tracie, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning. it may be a frantic day of voting too. this is one of the many polling places soon to open in ohio. take a look at the cincinnati inquirer. the headline, it's all up to us. ohio at the center of the political universe. while this state may, in fact, be important, it wasn't the first to vote. for the first time ever and with its lowest turnout in almost 50 years, a tie this morning in tiny dixville, notch. just after midnight they cast 5 votes for president obama, 5 for governor romney. a few hours south in manchester the governor ends his campaign. >> the last months of our campaign have seen the gathering of strength of a real movement across this country. it's evident in the size of these crowds like this tonight. my goodness. and i understand that there are a few thousand people ou
that i'm voting for todd and i'm so proud of him is that he defensds the unborn. >> paul ryan has been busy on the stump trying to shore up swing state voters while saying just how tough he and romney really are. >> we can't keep doing this. look, mitt romney and i can handle whatever they're going to throw at us for the next five days. >> while vice president joe biden has, indeed, been offering his advice on the topic here, early voting. >> if you vote early, you don't have to pay taxes. i'm sorry, i'm being told that's not accurate. >> that's not accurate. >> single and looking to mingle? find that special someone in the early voting line. early voters receive a $5 million donation from donald trump. >> wow. >> honestly, don't you want this election over with already? >> yes, we do. >> pretty good. and check out this political sign on jack and june zellin's lawn in republican heavy castle rock, colorado. it reads, a romney fan stole my obama sign. do it again and you'll make my day and tv news. they did. the zellin's add that the sign is brightly lit at night. way to take care of th
over the weekend, they did, into pennsylvania. vice president biden was also in ohio along with paul ryan. again, a lot of people focusing on ohio. we were here for early voting yesterday. the lines are extremely long. veronica? >> tracy potts this morning in cincinnati. tracy, thank you. >>> there was anger and frustration in florida where voters lined up to cast absentee ball lots after being cut off from the early voting deadline on saturday. our national correspondent explains what happened there and other potential election >> reporter: frustrated voters outside the miami-dade election office after the county announced it would open its doors to provide and accept absentee ballots, but so many voters showed up and election officials were overwhelmed. they shut their doors and then decided to reopen. the democratic party sued to extend early voters after some were stuck in lines for hours. >> i'm a little upset about the lines, like five hours now. >> reporter: they are embracing for lots of problems on tuesday, especially in the battleground states. in ohio, experts say because
, that governor romney chose norfolk, virginia as place to unveil his vice presidential running mate, paul ryan, both of them were here today. here is the latest, the wall street journal poll for virginia, showing president obama ahead by just a single point, the same margin, rather, in our national poll. obama is counting on a big voter turnout in fairfax, county, in the voter-rich areas of northern virginia. he is also hoping for a turnout in loudoun and prince william counties. meanwhile, mitt romney is hoping to make inroads there, while insuring that his base, the red states come out to vote for him. we also have a very close senate race to tell you about, two are up by three points now. so in the end, this state could make a big difference on who wins the white house. >> all right, tom costello, now to the hard fought state of wisconsin, ron mott, at the end of a long campaign is in milwaukee, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian, wisconsin has been blue over the last several presidential elections, although 2004 was a nail biter, we could have another one on our hands, this is
straight from the polls to his campaign plane with paul ryan. >> i'm awed by the spirit and enthusiasm, support, energy, it's just amazing. thank you. >> reporter: while mr. romney thanks volunteers, later fueling up on fast food. it was a near traffic jam on the tarmac in cleveland. air force two carrying the vice president to a late campaign swing of his own touched down behind the governor's jet. he appeared almost overwhelmed by the reception in a state until now he largely ignored. >> that's when you know you're going to win. >> reporter: mr. ronlny said he didn't want to look back with anything other than satisfaction about his campaign. last night the romneys were greeted by a rock star's welcome in new hampshire. a three minute ovation in the state where the former massachusetts governor kicked off this campaign more than 500 days ago. >> i have a clear and unequivocal message. with the right leadership, america's going to come roaring back. >> reporter: late today after a bitter campaign, mr. romney struck a conciliatory tone. >> the president has run a strong campaign. i beli
poll, wisconsin, paul ryan's home state, as part of the obama firewall, romney would like to get it, still trails by three points president t look at new hampshire, while the president trails by two, new hampshire looks like the state that will go romney, romney's economic numbers are better than the president, and the president's job approval rating is less than better there. but i'll show you the crucial state ends up sitting here as ohio, if you look at these numbers here. in the road to 270, the missing ingredient is ohio, brian. >> all right, as we'll be discussing, something tells me, tuesday night, chuck todd at the board, as we continue along the way. why visitors to new york won't be able to visit one of the great icons, for quite a while. as our own richard engel found out earlier today. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long s
in "the wisconsin state journal." observers say paul ryan now a front-runner for the 2016 gop nomination. tell me we're not already talking about 2016. >> let the race begin. of course, we're keeping our eye on another big story as well this morning. can you probably see the flags moving pretty briskly behind us. that is a sign of what's to come as nasty weather, a nor'easter bears down on already storm-ravaged parts of this east coast. al is live along the new jersey shore with what we can expect. >> all right. we want to get right to our top story, the election results. nbc's kristen welker had a late night covering president obama's campaign, and she joins us this morning from chicago. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. well, president obama is waking up as a two-term president. a lot of people said it wouldn't be possible because of the stagnant economy, but he was able to rally his core constituents, women, african-americans, young voters works turned out in force to send him back to the white house. a triumphant president obama walked out to a
of 43 years. >> she would have been a wonderful first lady. >> reporter: today, paul ryan who was elected to the house and will have a much bigger voice, released a statement. i am very proud of the campaign we ran and am grateful to romney for the honor of being his running mate. hours later as results poured in and excitement drained from the election night ballroom, aides cut to the giant screens, cueing the band to play. and today, one of mr. romney's top surrogates, new jersey governor chris christie spoke to his fellow republican. >> i was extraordinarily disappointed last night. i was surprised, you know, that it ended as quickly as it did. but it is the way it goes, people decide elections. >> reporter: another put it more succinctly, putting it this way, this one stinks. and as governor romney left his headquarters, he was there wrapping up a good-bye meeting with his staff. now wrapping up the headquarters for possibly the wrong time. >> peter, thank you, and lester holt is here with us in the studio after we all went through this long night with a look at how the ob
for this election. we have both parties represented here. we have mitt romney and we have his run partner, mr. paul ryan. and then we have the obama burger. and the biden burger. >> okay, tell us how you decided what's going to be the topping on both of these burgers. >> we have a little bit of pineapple because i spent some time over in hawaii so we figured -- >> home state. >> we have a spicy cured ham. >> it's ham -- >> and tomato. we're going to put the first burger in the pan there. >> now, whose burger is this? >> this is our ryan burger. wisconsin cheddar cheese. wisconsin bacon. we have apples for the fall theme. we have another nice burger. we have a good burger no matter what you put on top. >> some people like other seasonings. i find salt and pepper is always the way to go. >> i know it's ground beef but -- well, i guess you could use ground turkey too. >> right. i think our preference at the restaurant right now is we use a lot of tenderloin in ours. we use rib by. we use a skirt steak. we grind that up. that's how we make our burgers. >> you cook it on a hot stove, huh? as these cook,
him halfway. paul ryan will resume his role as budget committee chairman. live in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. >>> the morning headlines out in front of the museum today declared an obama victory. two simple words for the "washington post" and others, obama wins. "the denver post" took a rallying cry from the campaign stops, fired up. the headline for the detroit free press, four more years, and a more sobering take from the hartford current, work to do. >>> the markets took a post-election day tumble tonight. the dow was down more than 300 points. it fell below the 13,000 mark for the first time since september. the nasdaq and s&p also suffering big losses. the sell-off was triggered by worries over the looming fiscal cliff here at home. also concerns about europe's struggling economy. >>> virginia's new senator-elect tim kaine said he's ready to hit the ground running when he takes office. julie carey tells us more. >> reporter: tim kaine's long 19-month campaign may be over but in his first news conference as senator-elect, the promise to voters now he says is finding a way
. the republicans have their own starting lineup. paul ryan, who played the role of understudy in this campaign, new jersey governor chris christie, although some conservative republicans criticize him. florida senator marco rubio, who say he's a republican solution for his problem with hispanics. >> if i'm a serious policymaker, i'll have a lot of opportunities to do different things. in politics, outside of politics. >> reporter: and there are some party leaders who still long for former florida governor jeb bush. >>> right now, at 5:00, breaking news. an 81-year-old is attacked outside her home. d.c. police called the crime heinous. >>> dozens rallied outside the white house today. >>> a mother's first child, she was in labor for 50 hours before making a curbside delivery. their story straight ahead. >>> good evening. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. first up at 5:00 tonight, a brazen robbery in laurel. police tell us two men walked into a recording studio, recorded a rap song, and when they finished, they robbed the place. >> news4's pat collins spoke to the manager of the recording studio a
. >>> and in maryland, it is question number 4 on the ballot. >>> republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan just arriving in richmond and one more stop in the old dominion which could be a huge deciding factor, according to some scenarios on this election night. he just came from ohio. he is in rich monday and as weapon, the old dominion, a big battleground state in the fact that they are still -- the polls are still open. >>> voters in maryland tonight are deciding the future of a law that make it easier for the children of undocumented immigrants to attend college. it is called the maryland dream action. and it is on the ballot as question 4. erica gonzalez joins us now live from the university of maryland campus where some supporters of this measure gather tonight. >> we've got about two and a half hours less about, two and a half hours before the polls close in maryland. we mentioned the dream act. on the ballot, you won't see anything that refers to it as the dream act. let me break it down for you and what it says. this is a proposition that is in favor of undocumented immigrants. >> i hav
their voices heard. >>> paul ryan fulfilled his civic duty. he voted in wisconsin. the republican vice president nominee will head to richmond this afternoon to do last minute campaigning. he'll also visit ohio today. >> former virginia governor tim kaine and his wife ann cast their ballots in richmond this morning. he was in line just after 7:00. he'll spend the day stopping by polling places in richmond. he will go to the marriott to await election results. >> george allen cast his ballot before the s came up in alexandria. he will spend the day at several precincts in virginia including loudoun and springfield. allen will be at the omni hotel in richmond. >> here is what you need to know. all voters in virginia and some first time voters in maryland will be required to show some form of identification. there were at least 30 forms of valid id including a card from your employer. poll opening and closing times are different from state-to-state. virginia polls stay open until 7:00 tonight. d.c. and maryland close at 8:00. >>> we have more on virginia and why voters are willing to wait
romney and paul ryan. joe biden in ohio. but not president obama. he was here in chicago taking it a little bit easy. went by the election headquarters. did the thing they do that looks so great on tv and has to be great if you're the one that called. president obama picked up the phone and called supporters in wisconsin. high, this is barack obama. yeah, that barack obama. thanks a lot for your help. and then got a little bit serious. this is his last day of his last campaign. he talked about himself, the american people and his opponent. take listen. >> i want to say how grateful michelle and i and for all the families, all the communities who have welcomed us into their homes in some cases. in some cases worked so hard and i want to say to governor romney, congratulations on the spirit of the campaign. i know his supporters are just as engaged and just as enthusiastic and worked just as hard. we feel confident we've got the votes to win. it will depend ultimately on whether those votes turn out. so i would encourage everybody on all sides just make sure that you exercise this
colorado, michigan and pennsylvania. paul ryan, his wife and ann romney are also on the campaign trail. the president stopped in virginia tomorrow comes 48 hours before romney heads to the commonwealth. monday, he'll make one stop in lynchburg and another in fairfax. obama made two visits there in october. they are hoping to sway the last of the undecided voters. at the superscreen, melissa mollet, news 4. >>> this is the weekend where you may not mind being called a puppet. hundreds of people, real and puppet expected to gather tomorrow in d.c. to support funding for public broadcasting. tomorrow is the million puppet march. the organizer says he was inspired after hearing romney say he wants to get rid of funding for groups like pbs. it epds with a rally at the reflecting pool. now, on to a really sad story. a news 4 exclusive. this morning, we are hearing from the woman brutally attacked inside her northeast d.c. apartment. this is who police are looking for. he forced his way into a 24-year-old woman's apartment last friday. the man attempted to sexually assault her before trying t
is set to appear at george mason university for a rally on monday. his running mate paul ryan is racking up the frequent flyer miles, too. he is scheduled to hit ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, and florida in the span of eight hours today. >>> today is the last chance for d.c. voters to head to the polls before everybody else does on tuesday. early voting officially ends in the district tonight. last week people waited in long lines to cast their ballots. this weekend early voting in each of the district places runs from 8:30 this morning to 9:00 tonight. it is the last day for in person absentee voting in virginia. fairfax county extended hours today. you'll be able to vote from 8:00 this morning until 5:00 this evening. fairfax and loudoun counties both suspended in person absentee voting during hurricane sandy. >> early voting is over in maryland and now some people are worried about expected crowds on election day. in prince george's county long lines were the norm as people tried to cast their ballot before tuesday. some waited three or four hours to cast their vote. around 56,000 peo
see here on the ground, david, in virginia, there is a lot of enthusiasm for mitt romney and paul ryan. i was with paul yesterday here in richmond. we're going to win this state, and i think we're going to win it a lot bigger than most people are predicting. yes for mitt romney and yes for george allen. >> leader, you're talking about the plan that mitt romney has. well, the president as he is making his final argument took on the sort of change that governor romney is offering. he was speaking last night in your state. >> we know what change looks like and what governor romney is selling ain't it. giving more power to the biggest banks isn't change. another $5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy, that's not change. refusing to answer questions about the details of your policies until after the election, that's definitely not change. >> how do you respond to that? >> well, did you hear anything that has to do with a solution to a problem in the president's short remarks there? no. that's the difference. mitt romney is offering solutions. and an answer to folks that are asking, the million
>> turn out for me. we'll win ohio. we'll win this election. >> paul ryan and i will bring real change to america from day one. >> less than 24 hours to go, both have a clear shot at victory. what will decide this race? we have it all covered from our election home on democracy plaza today, monday, november 5th, 2012. >>> from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," decision 2012, with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from democracy plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning, and welcome to democracy plaza. i'm mate lauer. >> and i'm savannah guthrie. this will be our home for a couple of days. after a year of campaigning, a billion dollars spent, maybe more, it's anyone's guess who will come out on top tomorrow night, if we have a decision. >> if you don't like to fly you wouldn't like to be a presidential candidate. governor romney and president obama logging a lot of stops, president planning stops in iowa, wisconsin and ohio while the governor will be in florida, ohio, new hampshire and virginia. >> while both men have a number of different ways
presidential candidate paul ryan headlines rallies for the gop ticket in richmond and with paul showing virginia the closest of battleground, ryan appealed directly for help in turning out the vote. >> we talked to that friend, neighbor, that liked hope in 2008, knows how it's an empty promise. we will wake up wednesday, november 7th, and we will know we met the moment as a country. >> repter: this is the last scheduled stop, but vice president joe biden comes to sterling on monday and mitt romney spends sunday and monday in the commonwealth with a rally in fairfax on monday. news 4 today. >>> long lines in d.c. as voters lined up for their last chance to cast an early ballot. last day for in-person absentee ballot. administrators not worried about long lines on election day as many polling places will be open. we'll have complete coverage up to tuesday and all of the results. stay up to date on our website, >>> now to sandy's impact. this morning, signs of progress in areas hardest hit by the storm. help starting to arrive and lights back on in manhattan, but thousan
running mate paul ryan is racking up frequent flyer miles as well. he is scheduled to hit ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, and florida in the span of just eight hours today. >>> today is the last day for d.c. voters to cast their ballots before most people vote on tuesday. early voting officially ends in the district tonight. last week people waited in long lines to cast their ballots. if you're heading out you have from 8:30 this morning until 9:00 tonight to cast your vote. or else wait until election day on tuesday. meantime it is also the last day for in person absentee voting in virginia. the polls are open now and stay open until 5:00 this evening. >>> early voting is officially over in maryland and now some are worried about expected crowds on election day. in prince georges county long lines were the norm as people tried to cast their ballots before tuesday. some waited three or four hours to cast their vote. around 56,000 people have taken advantage of early voting in the county. that's just 10% of registered voters. >> the facilities we are using are not -- don't have th
at 8:30 this morning. he'll do so in belmont, massachusetts. congressman paul ryan will cast his vote in his home town of janesville, wisconsin at 9:45 eastern, and as we know, matt, president obama cast his vote early in chicago last week. i guess it's just that fast. >> we saw the vice president in line earlier. imagine the pressure on the woman in front of him online as they were standing there discussing the vote today. i wonder if she was completely honest with the vice president. >> well, we're going to have more on the election throughout this morning. we want to remind everybody that nbc's election night coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern. that's 4:00 pacific time right here on nbc. >> let's get to the other headlines of the morning. natalie is across the street at the news desk. natalie, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt and savannah. good morning, everyone. more than 1 million homes and businesses are still in the dark today as new york and new jersey struggle to recover an superstorm sandy. this as dropping temperatures and a new storm bear down on the region. a
romney. this is his path without ohio. look at this. if he wins paul ryan's home state, he has a way to get to 270 without ohio. they don't think that's going to be easy because they think wisconsin is going to be very difficult. they think iowa is going to be very difficult. and there's still some question about new hampshire. and if that's the case, and you look at those numbers this way, then ohio becomes incredibly crucial to mitt romney. he would need florida, virginia, ohio, and colorado to get to 275. >> what i read in all that stuff, is that those of us who will be working election night will need to get some sleep. it's going to be a long night. >> people ask me how long is election night going to be? i say it's going to be a long month. >> yeah, we'll see you thursday. good to talk to you. thanks very much. >>> time now for a check of some of the other stories this morning. jenna wolf is at the news desk. >> an american student has been arrested after allegedly stabbing a fellow student in rome. more now from duncan golestani. >> reporter: authorities took this man into cus
. >> reporter: meanwhile, paul ryan and his wife jana spent halloween in their hometown in wisconsin taking their kids trick-or-treating. a maris poll shows a tightening in key states, the president still holds leads in three of them. in iowa, president obama maintains a six-point lead over mitt romney, down from eight two weeks ago. in wisconsin, romney has cut the president's lead in half, he now trails by three points. and in new hampshire, it's basically a dead heat. the president at 49%, romney with 47%. the granite state will be mitt romney's final stop before election day. >> reporter: the schedule tells you everything, the president four times in ohio. he'll be multiple times in wisconsin and iowa these last four days. only one stop each in florida and new hampshire and nevada, matt. >> chuck todd at the white house, let me remind our viewers, election night coverage will come to you from democracy plaza here at rockefeller center. it will be open to the public starting tomorrow. >> we want to return to the gridlock that's being caused by the storm. nbc's kerry sanders is above yonk
have their own starting lineup. paul ryan who played the role of understudy in this campaign, new jersey governor chris christie even though some conservative republicans blame him for his high-octane embrace of president obama. florida senator marco rubio on a fast track with those who say he's a republican solution to their problem with hispanics. >> if i do a good job in the senate, if i'm a serious policy maker, i'll have a lot of opportunities to do different things. in politics, outside of politics. >> reporter: and there are some party leaders who still long for former florida governor jeb bush. and you can argue it's too early to even be thinking about 2016. but ask yourself, when did barack obama first start dreaming about becoming president? matt? >> we're really going to get into this, aren't we? >> how about jeb bush versus hillary clinton? >> oh, gosh, we're just getting over it. >> we can't help ourselves. thanks, good to see you. now we want to get a check of the weather and that nasty storm that's hit the northeast in the wake of sandy. al, good morning. >> good mo
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)